The importance of software testing

What is software testing? In summary, it is the process by which software testers try to find errors and defects in a certain software. This process is vital for two main reasons. Firstly, it is able to mitigate financial loss. Secondly, it has the potential to save many lives. In the following paragraphs, some examples and elaborations will be provided to show the practicality and importance of software testing in accordance with the two reasons mentioned earlier.

Software needs to be tested even if its for a desktop install or simply a web design you have just purchased, everything needs testing for errors.

In April 2015, the Bloomberg terminal located in London crashed because of a glitch in its software. This affected more than 300,000 financial traders and resulted in the government being forced to postpone a 3 billion pound debt sale. 

As we can evidently see, all these undesired consequences can be traced back to a single fault in the Bloomberg terminal’s software. If proper software testing was conducted, such an outcome could have been easily anticipated and avoided. This is an example in which great financial loss was incurred.

On April 26, 1994, 264 innocent lives were taken when the China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed due to a software bug. The bug was caused by the flight control software not receiving an update before taking off because it was deemed “not urgent”. Once again, such a grave outcome could be avoided by performing software testing to find out possible errors.

Because software testing was not performed, many innocent people passed away.

In conclusion, software testing must always be conducted on a software before allowing it to be put to use in the field. It must be seen as a crucial step in the software development process. If properly utilised, software testing has the potential to prevent monetary loss or loss of lives by allowing software developers to correct an error ahead of time.

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Popularity of Online Gaming in Indian on the Rise

Gaming is no longer considered a recreational activity because it is much more than that today, especially in India, and Rummy game developers are looking to take advantage. There has been a surge in the number of teenagers, college students, and professionals getting hooked to one game or the other. Some of the reasons for this phenomenal growth in online gaming have been discussed in this post.

Well, Candy Crush and Temple Run keep people engaged while travelling but it is nowhere are thrilling and entertaining as playing DoTA 2 or Counter Strike. Another reason that can be attributed to the rise in the rising popularity of gaming is that high speed Internet is no longer a dream but is well within one’s reach.

To begin with, gamers are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of games to select from. Mobile games and e-sports are gaining popularity as well. This is because the gaming community is always on the lookout for something fresh and happening. And if that’s not enough there are a plethora of online games that one can choose from, which adds to the fun.

Another trend which is immensely popular among gamers is entering gaming contests. The prize money offered to the winners is incentive enough to participate and clinch prizes. For this reason, there has been a rise in the number of professional gamers who dedicate their time and resources to win these online gaming tournaments.

However, a secret that most people don’t know about is that there are quite a few games that are created in India. Given that the country has become a hub for 3D and 2D animation it doesn’t come as a surprise at all. This trend is definately not a passing phase as the number of online gamers is likely to increase in the years to come.

Why do indians love rummy so much?

Indians and Indian culture have advanced the world over. Indians are known for their adoration for hues and celebrations. They adore their customs and customary games. One of the games that Indians love is Rummy. Since Rummy has gone up against its Internet Avatar, the Indian populace can appreciate this game according to their benefit. Truth be told this pattern of playing Rummy Online has turned out to be extremely famous. Given beneath are the three primary reasons why Indians are wild about Online Indian Rummy.

The offers and deals: The Indian love of haggling and searching for the best deals is outstanding. Playing Rummy Online furnishes players with unimaginable offers and deals, making it extremely enticing and alluring. Playing Online Indian Rummy has a few favorable circumstances, some of which incorporate playing free rummy for money, playing money games with rewards, included impetuses as referral offers and bubbly offers. This adds another measurement to the gaming background, by offering new wanders aimlessly based on the current merry offer. Every event is set apart by an extraordinary offer that particularly speaks to the Indian Spirit.

Convinience: One of the primary favorable circumstances of playing Online Indian Rummy is that of the comfort. It doesn’t make a difference what sex you are or what your occupation is or so far as that is concerned what your time calendar resemble, you can begin playing games with genuine players according to your benefit. Since Online Rummy offers the opportunity to play with genuine players instead of against a PC, you would appreciate the game more. In addition to Internet Connectivity having enhanced so much, you have the alternative to play at any area the length of you have admittance to a PC with Internet association. Envision the comfort of having the capacity to play Rummy games while you are holding up to load onto your flight or sneaking a game when you are sitting tight for your next arrangement! You can play free Rummy online or play for money, contingent upon your comfort.

Bigger player base: Normally when rummy cards games are played at home or with your group of friends, you are somewhat restricted in your selection of accomplices. You are bound by confinements like clashing timetables, locational inclinations and the accessibility of a place to play. With online Indian Rummy, the entire nation is available to you. You never know who you will play your next game of Rummy with. This not just takes care of the issue of clashing calendars, put imperatives and so on, and additionally adds zest to your game. Playing with new individuals implies you will be more ready and search for subtleties in their moves to be effective at the game. Over the long haul, you understand that you have turned out to be calm capable at changing your game methodology as indicated by the evolving situation.

Presently you can see why online Rummy claims such a great amount to Indians; it satisfies every one of their prerequisites. They get great deals and deals, play for nothing before playing for money, play at whatever point and wherever they need and they can play with a much bigger player base.